Press release: May 21, 2020

MYRUSH JOB launches Micro Job Marketplace, offering opportunities to freelancers in an ever emerging online micro job industry.

The launch of MyRush Job, an online talent marketplace, will connect freelancers with opportunities at MyRush Job announces the launch of our Micro Job marketplace for the Freelancing industry; an online marketplace that connects people seeking short-term agreements (MJobs) with opportunities at MyRush Job.

Advancements in workplace technology enables freelancers to access job opportunities that allow them to work remotely, giving them more flexibility and freedom in their professional careers as MyRush Job support on-demand work. The launch of the Micro Job marketplace is in line with the increasing global trend of companies leveraging flexible workers, also known as freelancers who are employed on short-term agreements, to respond to growing work demands during peak periods.

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