In an age of advanced high-tech tool, people are using their smartphones, social media, and local search directories to find out more about your website and ultimately make the decision to engage your brand. You need one platform to handle all your analytics, gauge your performance, and identify growth opportunities for your business.

So, how does your online presence help your business grow? Are you using your online platforms as effectively as you can to grow your business? They automatically analyze your data and create a growth plan that turns complex data into simple answers to help your business grow. They are located at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A top data platform that started back in 2012 that tell entrepreneurs in simple language what they can do to improve their website’s presence to make it better on the internet. The tool basically runs a scan of your website and offers a plan for growth based on your current status. It also takes your data and gives you dollar values based on your data and a snapshot of how your site compares within your industry.

The objectives here focus on specific areas that you can improve on and the value of that improvement. It breaks down how you can improve your growth, authority, visitor experience and more.

The alerts section gives you an overview of a variety of items that are impacting your website. It tells you when there are broken backlinks to your website that can impact SEO. You can easily fix the backlinks either asking the site’s admin providing the linking to make the adjustment or setting up a redirect.  

The SEO reporting tool offers a look at your keywords, backlinks, and search engine indexing which are helpful in finding pages that may be blocked that you do not want blocked. Also, you can enter your competitors to see what keywords they rank for to find missed opportunities! It will show you the number of backlinks you have to your website along with the source of the link, anchor text and domain authority of the linking page.


Their Answer Engine™ and powerful diagnostic tool will scan your site and come up with a customized growth plan by simply giving you the answers to evaluate your website’s performance.


This tool works with your Facebook page and provides data from your Facebook insights and puts into an easy to read and understand format to help you improve your Facebook performance.

They do not just measure data, they transform it into real dollar values for your business past, present, and future. You can also see how you stack up in your industry.


You will be able to keep track of all your efforts and learning so you can see how far you have come! The more progress you see, the more you will keep going!


They provide Tips, tools, and tutorials which are at your fingertips with a huge library of videos, articles, white papers, and ebooks. You will have opportunity to be the best DIY Marketer around! It delivers big data analysis in an easy-to-use SaaS package; and thousands of entrepreneurs use it to find new ways to grow their business.

Getting Started

You can test drive the platform by signing up and follow the simple process which is relatively easy. There is a free subscription which includes, Self-Service, Limited Growth Plan Limited access to intelligent daily alerts & objectives that show you how to quickly grow traffic & revenue. Once you signup you will need to answer a few questions and also sync your data channels like Facebook and Google Analytics to get the data.

Access the site’s dashboard; a well laid out page that focuses on an overview of your website. Immediately, you can easily see how your website is doing and if you are improving or failing in certain areas. Also, the Daily Health Score shows you how well your website is doing based on the assessed predictions.


As you can see, this is a service that can help less experienced website owners and those that are looking for an affordable way to get some quick wins for their website.

It is an awesome multifunctional SEO Tool, it is a combination of Dashboard, Answer Engine, website analytics, Tracker, and knowledge library. This is awesome because it not only scans your website and provides reports but it also suggests change and steps that you can perform to boost traffic and income.

Additionally, it will not only suggest changes but it will also tell you how to do that. The library has the answer to almost every single question.

  • It provides you with a list of bad links that need to be removed.
  • It creates a task list on a daily basis and trusts me it is helpful.
  • It is easy for the beginner to use but uses professional data and advice.

The company is customer oriented and does a good job keeping its customers happy. You can test drive it to get a feel to see if it meets the standard you are looking for your business “.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post; however, a compensation may be received for providing ease of access via links to their website.